Poem ~ Patience

right now 
we would like 
the descend of this rollercoaster ride; 

but sometimes wouldn't it be nice to
simply remain seated 
in front a freshly painted wall
the amount of bubbles that ascend 
on each subsection of the wall, 
scanning the four corners 
and smiling at the result of what you 
just created? 

or maybe 
feeling the benign pricks 
the grass gives your hands and your bare legs 
as you give the sun 
your time, 
letting the wind take over the flow
of every hair strand, 
gazing at the hues of blue mingle
with the yellows and oranges 
merging unhurriedly, 
like the tree's growth 
next to you, 
granting your peaceful body shade; 

right now 
wouldn't it be nice to simply 
enjoy the trajectory of those hands on the 

m. raquel medina

Uncertainty – an enemy of many. Personally, this uncertain change has affected me greatly. Patience is like a toy I yet have to learn how to play with. Daily mindfulness practice has helped notice the wonderful things that come up in daily life when we simply take the time to observe and engage with. What have you noticed with this uncertain time life has provided us with?

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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