Poem ~ Seconds of Joy

your frown at him 
daggers your children's 
never content,
always bitter
at him

a lifetime of damaging 
flood your body 
as you hear his hand turn 
the doorknob's cylinder 
releasing the latch, 
opening the door to 
for all; 

there's no peace in 
your heart 
just resentment that 
continues to grow 
with every cry, 
with every grin,
with every action; 

the seconds that store 
that pure smile 
or heartfelt giggle 
bring joy to your children's 

could you give them 
more of those? 

m. raquel medina

Families always have issues – no family is pure happiness. We all go through deep rooted problems that no words can explain the feelings behind. As children, young or old, we may wish to understand and alleviate such harm, sadness, anger from the people who raised us. However, some problems are simply too large for us to eradicate. What more is there to do but to cherish the seconds of peace in our caregivers’ hearts?

Photo by Morgan Basham on Unsplash

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