Poem ~ Windy Tree

most people would tell you 
align your trunk
stand tall and high
stretch your branches out 
grow more leaves 
shed every autumn and winter
grow stronger in summer and spring
- be a tree;

but i would tell you 
that it's ok 
to be stormy 
and wild,
to agitate and unsettle yourself 
to crack and tip over 
to sometimes unfavorably 
tumble telephone poles, 
yet to always remember 
that you have the power 
to be fresh
and mighty
- be the wind. 

m. raquel medina

We often feel so bad for loosing control as we are praised for keeping composure. We fail often, we cry sometimes, and we rupture every now and then. And rarely do we hear that it’s ok to do that and more. Accepting our negative emotions are difficult – but it’s ok to be like wind and a tree. Be flexible to be elements of the earth.

Picture Credit: @Mahkeo (Unsplash)

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