Poem ~ Our Fireplace

the wood you added 
were words we threw  
to understand one another; 

        the more wood we added 
        the more we got attached 

the air you gave 
were our gasps 
transitioning our kisses; 

        the more air you gave
        the more warmth you gave my heart

the flames 
were the burst of feelings 
i had every time i looked you in the eyes;

        the higher the flames grew
        the more I felt for you

the ashes that flew out the chimney 
were our tracks we left
unable to hide our emotions;

        the more ashes created 
        the more dangerous our actions became 

m. raquel medina

Love is a tricky subject and everyone’s story is different. Some mourn something that never started. Some mourn something that ended after a long time. But maybe at some point there was a fireplace that both of you felt beyond what words could describe.

Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash

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