Meid For You

Do you like bullet journaling? But simply don’t have time do plan out all the spreads? Well, then keep on reading…

Give me your ideas, your interests, your likes, and I will make sure that I customize the bullet journal / planner that is specially meid for you.


  • Not only are these planners customized for your needs and wants, but also made with environmentally-friendly material
  • I try to use every page so that no page gets wasted (like what could happen with regular store-bought planners)
  • Decorated cover designed for you
  • Waste-free wrapping

Check out these past orders:

Floral Pink

This bullet journal includes a vision board, yearly spread, monthly spreads, horizontal weekly spreads, sleep tracker, gratitude tracker, and donation tracker.

Blue Mandalas

This bullet journal includes gratitude trackers, monthly spreads, prayer spreads, and weekly spreads.

Floral/Succulent Green

This bullet journal includes a vision board, monthly spreads, and weekly spreads.

Harry Potter Mindfulness

This planner includes a neat cover page, a yearly spread, a tracker for reading goals, gratitude pages, and weekly spreads.

Japanese + Food

This bullet journal includes a cover page, an expanded vision board, travel spreads, monthly spreads, expenses expenses, and weekly spreads.

Clients’ thoughts on the journals:

“This was my first bullet journal and I haven’t stopped using it. I didn’t give her much direction other than ‘I would like Harry Potter and or mindfulness quotes’. Well let me tell you, she freakin delivered. Not only did she add all the elements of Harry Potter from spells, to books, to characters. And she included a new quote and mindfulness practice every week. She is stellar at customizing it if you know what you are looking for. I use it every day, I have spots for my passwords, tasks, and enough room left to create everything else. The journal is something I never expected to have by my side more than my phone. I feel more organized with this book and on top of my every day tasks. I can’t thank Meilin enough for the hard work and attention to detail. This journal was worth every penny and I’m not going to stop getting them. I will be ordering this every year 100%.


I love my planner. It’s so unique and I really appreciate how personalized and special it feels. I can really tell Meilin took time, attention, and detail into making this. I can’t wait to buy more as gifts for friends!


I really like the set up of the journal! I appreciate that the journal is minimalistic while versatile, leaving room for customization. For example, I can make little to-do lists or shopping lists in the notes section provided one each page of the weekly spread. The simplicity of the journal makes it less intimidating to use and encourages me to make it personal.


Let’s create something that’s Meid For You.