Floral Pink

This floral pink bullet journal includes a cover page that sets the planner with the floral theme. The yearly spread leaves room for the client’s important dates. There is also a simple vision board that allows this client to express their 2020 goals. The monthly spreads are boxed with floral designs, and the horizontal weekly spreads that include a sleep tracker. Lastly, there is a page for the client to write their daily gratitude and track this client’s monthly donations.

Harry Potter Mindfulness

This Harry Potter themed bullet journal includes mindfulness quotes and reminders. There is a cover page that introduces the HP theme. It also includes a boxed yearly spread, and a reading tracker for this client’s reading list! For every month, there is a small overview monthly calendar at the top along with a space for gratitude. The weekly spreads consist of boxed in days that leave a lot of space to write in day-to-day tasks and nice mindfulness reminders.

Blue Mandalas

This client wanted the planner to be filled with mandalas and have blue hues throughout. The planner has a gratitude page and a prayers spread for each month. The blue monthly spreads leave space for notes on the side. Then the weekly spreads give the client a lot of space to write down tasks and work to-dos.

Japanese + Food

This is a very fun and cute bullet journal planner that includes a lot of Japanese culture, food, and coffee/tea doodles. When first opened, the bullet journal includes a cover page with another client’s favorite dog breeds! There is a vision board (with two extra pages) along with vision board quotes for little reminders for the client. The travel spread, which comes next, contains an overview of travel places for 2020, packing guides/list spread, and a map of the world to possibly track adventures. Each month has a monthly spread that has space for notes on the side, expenses and budget spread, as well as a weekly spread. The weekly spread is unique where there isn’t a date assigned to each box or space, but instead leave the client to decided how to fill each box reflective of their job/house chores/etc.

Floral/Succulent Green

This planner included a small vision board, monthly and weekly spreads. Using every page in this planner, the first two pages contain the space for the client to draw/write her goals for this year. Then each month spread has a space for the client to write their goals and other little notes that might not necessarily fit in the calendar or that are random notes for the month. The weekly spread is a simplistic, yet bold, design where the client has a lot of room to write in their work tasks every day and even has some space to write their weekend chores. Throughout there are many plant and succulent doodles, as well as some itty Animal Crossing doodles per client’s request! Also included are little tape tabs for easy turning for monthly spreads.

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