Quien Eres?

Thank you for coming to this page and spending your time reading my words.

Gracias por hacer tiempo para leer las palabras en esta pagina – les agradezco.

We humans are curious. Always trying to find out more about something or someone. We seek information everywhere we go; everyone we meet. We learn something new everyday, sometimes about the outside world, sometimes about ourselves. You have snippets of my life and each post will give you insight on who I am, who my family is, who the people I’ve met are, where in the world I’ve been, what heartbreaks felt like, what my journey to self-love is like, what the sun makes me feel, what I may be feeling at this precise moment…

But similarly to life, I refuse to write in a straight line. I’ve zig-zagged my way through life, and I shall tell it like so. I hope you enjoy my poems, thoughts, and feelings. I will try my hardest to paint a picture in your head – to make you feel something – and to communicate with you another story.

Feel free to leave your mark. Your feedback, comments, story, support will be acknowledged, encouraged, and appreciated.

m. raquel medina

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